Quarter-wise Performance Of NYSE NIO In 2020

Having a regular check on the quarter performance of stocks in a year helps you get more information about the future trend. There are several options for you, so you must select the best stocks. There are stocks such as NYSE NIO at that have performed well even during pandemic situations. This company performed well throughout the year, so you should know about the previous three-quarter performance through this article.

Performance Up to March 2020

The performance of the stock up to March was as follows,

  • Revenue was 1.37 billion dollars, which decrease from the value it had in the previous year.
  • Net income was -1.72 billion dollars.
  • The net profit margin was -125.58%.
  • Operating income was at -1.57 billion dollars.
  • Cash on hand values to 1.98 billion dollars.
  • The cost of revenue was 1.54 billion dollars.

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