Quarter-wise Performance Of NYSE NIO In 2020

Having a regular check on the quarter performance of stocks in a year helps you get more information about the future trend. There are several options for you, so you must select the best stocks. There are stocks such as NYSE NIO at that have performed well even during pandemic situations. This company performed well throughout the year, so you should know about the previous three-quarter performance through this article.

Performance Up to March 2020

The performance of the stock up to March was as follows,

  • Revenue was 1.37 billion dollars, which decrease from the value it had in the previous year.
  • Net income was -1.72 billion dollars.
  • The net profit margin was -125.58%.
  • Operating income was at -1.57 billion dollars.
  • Cash on hand values to 1.98 billion dollars.
  • The cost of revenue was 1.54 billion dollars.

Through this, you can understand that the financial condition in this quarter was not so great. The company was surviving the condition of the market.

Financials Of December June 2020 Quarter

You must keep these things in mind because it will help you understand the improvement of the company more precisely. The revenue almost became double by this quarter, maybe because of some right decisions taken by the company or by reducing the cost of operational activities. Everything improved positively so you can say that the company did perform better and got back to a better condition in the last quarter, now you have to think whether or not you should invest in the

Future Quarter Financials

This is expected to go in a positive direction as the market is not getting more freedom to operate. The demand will surely rise shortly, so stocks’ value must increase with the increases in the overall revenue as you can see that there are several types of legal things that had to be followed by companies that made their cost to rise. After a few times, went everything will go back to the normal times, then there are chances of better growth. So far, there are some expectations from the EPS value of the NYSE NIO, which is to be -1.08. This seems better than before, but this would become profitable for you after a few more times.

Final thoughts

If you can tolerate some losses, then you should not hesitate to invest in these stocks. The next quarter will be 18th November you can wait until you know more about this stock in particular. Nasdaq is a good idea to browse such data as it depicts it in pictorial and graphical form. You can check more information like income statement at

Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.